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General Guidelines

  1. The submission should be relevant to any area of social sciences or interdisciplinary approach of two or more subjects, we appreciate if the work touches law and other fields of social sciences.
  2. The work must be original and unpublished. All the submissions will be screened for similarity index, the author(s) must adhere to a limit of 10%. However, in exceptional cases the limit can be relaxed to an extent of 15% at the sole discretion of the editorial board of THE QUEST SLR.
  3. The work of the author(s) must portray a new idea or contribution to the jurisprudence of the topic/issue. The arguments presented in the work must be logical and if any assertions are made, it must be backed by facts.
  4. The submission must fall within 800-1500 words (excluding end notes). However, the word limit can be relaxed depending upon the type of work and at the discretion of the editorial board.
  5. Co- authorship is allowed for a maximum of 2 authors.

Citation and format –

  1. The mode of citation preferably is hyperlink for online resources, if it is not possible to cite the source using hyperlink the author(s) may use Uniform Citation style .
  2. The author(s) must use Endnotes for citation purpose.
  3. The content must be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12 and 1.5 as line spacing.
  4. Wikipedia and websites like Wikipedia must not be cited if done the work will be disregarded. Cases cited must adhere to Manupatra, AIR or SCC.

Submission –

  1. Submissions must be mailed at editorial@thequestslr.in with the subject line ‘Submissions_ (topic of the article).
  2. The article must be submitted in .doc/.docx format, the full name of the author(s), bio and affiliate institution must be mentioned in the body of the email.
  3. The email must also contain a 100 words excerpt of the article.
  4. By submitting the work at THE QUEST SLR , the author(s) undertake that the work has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere. The author may be allowed publication of the work in any other website only after 48 hours of its publication on THE QUEST SLR by giving due credits and mentioning the link. The permission of the editorial board of THE QUEST SLR is mandatory for republication elsewhere.
  5. The reviewing process may take up to 14 day(s), once the article has been submitted, the author(s) will receive acknowledgement of the submission, if not received within 12 hours of submission, kindly write us back on the same email id.
  6. The decision of the Editorial board in all subjects related to the publication of any work stands final.

Anyone with more than 4 blogs published on our platform will be named in the contributor’s list. 

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