The Quest Socio – Legal Review is an initiative by law students. As the name of the blog suggests, it is a continuous search of new ideas, opinions and contributing towards an informed citizenry. Taking the example of the Constitution of India, which in itself is an amalgamation of law with various other aspects of social sciences. The Quest Socio–legal Review is an effort to explore law and interdisciplinary approaches to law by drawing on insights from various disciplines- history, economics and social sciences.

We wish to offer a platform for young writers working on interdisciplinary approaches to articulate their views and analysis. We also intend to review, discuss and deliberate on contemporary developments in legal research under the tutelage of experienced editors and academic advisors. 

The Quest SLR, not only focuses on the academic writings but also on various other methods like a conversation, podcasts with field experts.

We are committed to bringing into light genuine and original ideas and issues related to the society.

Contact us – info@thequestslr.in