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Marginalised Explanation of the Constitutional Ethos

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Episode – 02 | Marginalised Explanation of the Constitutional Ethos

In this episode of the Unwired by The Quest Socio-legal Review, Mr Ashit Kumar Srivastava speaks to Prof. Rohit De, Associate Professor at Yale University and author of A People’s Constitution: The Everyday Life of Law in the Indian Republic. Mr Srivastava starts the conversation with an interesting and relevant question about the cover of Prof. De’s book. The cover of the book is very attractive and different from the usual covers that we come across while reading books on the standing position of the law. Slowly and steadily the conversation moves towards the importance of the Constitution in the life of an ordinary man.

This podcast aims not only to understand the relevance of the Constitution which was once a foreign element for the Indian soil but also to understand the position of the Supreme Court as a negotiating tool between the State and the people of India.

The conversation also unearths the research methodology in the context of the law and tries to find the variable factor between the approach of research in Indian scholars and foreign scholars.

Link to the book – https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691174433/a-peoples-constitution

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About the Guest
Prof. Rohit De
Prof. De is a lawyer and historian of modern South Asia and focuses on the legal history of the Indian subcontinent and the common law world.  As a legal historian he moves beyond asking what the law was; to what actors thought the law was and how this knowledge shaped their quotidian tactics, thoughts and actions. In recent years, this has enabled his research to move beyond the political borders to South Asia to uncover transnational legal geographies of commerce, migration and rights across Africa, Southeast Asia and the Carribean.

About the Host
Mr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava
Mr. Ashit is an Assitant Professor of Law at National Law University, Jabalpur, and distinguished Advisory board member of the Quest SLR.

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